Psychotherapy for individuals

Individual therapy is the most common psychological service provided. It is sometimes called counseling or one-on-one therapy. It typically involves weekly meetings in which your therapist will offer exclusive attention to your presenting circumstances and needs. Over the course of time, this type of engagement can gradually lead to the development of rapport and trust, which in turn deepens and expands the work. A positive working relationship with your provider will ensure growth in addition to the reduction of symptoms that may have brought you to therapy.

Therapy involves talking about very private, personal, and sensitive topics. It moves you to feel, to grow in authenticity and vulnerability, and to gradually address life with more confidence and awareness. Therapy is a meaningful act of courage. It speaks of your desire to know yourself more, to relate better to others, and to make improvements in your life.

In short, individual therapy is a personalized, experiential, and collaborative endeavor with constructive possibilities that help people overcome challenges and mature in unique ways.

How do I get started…

Your first step is to call us or send a message to schedule your initial appointment.  You will be asked to provide some basic information, such as your name and address and your partner’s name. Insurance does not consider couples therapy to be a medically necessary service. Even though couples are deeply impacted by the quality of their relationship, there is no covered diagnosis or disorder that represents their struggle or their treatment. Therefore, couples therapy is a service paid for out-of-pocket.

Scheduling your first meeting does not commit you to therapy, rather it gives both you and your potential therapist an opportunity to evaluate what is going on in your life and see whether we are a good match for what you are seeking.

We are interested in developing a collaborative relationship with you in which we will try to decide together what kind of treatment would fit you best. If we feel that someone, in our group or in the community, is better suited for what you are looking for, we will offer a referral. Otherwise, we will create a treatment plan and schedule follow up appointments accordingly.

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