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Dave Cunitz

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Dave Cunitz

My approach as a therapist is to walk alongside people as they engage in the process of self-discovery and together uncover their path forward. I practice person-centered therapy which recognizes that we, as individuals, are each capable of making the changes that are appropriate for our lives. We all have our unique lived experiences, perspectives and challenges, as well as our values, goals and dreams. When thinking of growth and healing, all these dimensions of a person are valid and important. They serve as the foundation in therapy to be able to gain deeper insight about ourselves and achieve personal growth.

In every interaction, my intention is to extend empathy, act genuinely, and offer an accepting environment where clients can feel comfortable and safe to explore their thoughts and feelings. When working with couples, this includes creating an environment where both individuals feel heard, validated and stay curious to explore how to achieve their relationship goals. Through the process of therapy, I seek to help people gain clarity about their current situation, understand what their desired state looks like, and identify the steps they can take to make progress toward that. My role is to serve as guide and companion to enable you to engage in the process of reflection, discovery and growth.

I have experience in individual, couples and group counseling, assisting clients with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, and substance use. I have high reverence for anyone choosing to take steps toward personal growth and acting intentionally to enhance their lives. Personal growth is hard, but it is also profoundly rewarding.


Dave received a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Drake University. He is a Temporary Licensed Mental Health Counselor (tLMHC), and is practicing under the supervision of Julia Edwards, LMHC. He is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). He earned his CADC certification while working at UnityPoint’s Powell Chemical Dependency Center in Des Moines. During that time he supported clients in both inpatient and outpatient substance use recovery programs.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Dave worked for over 25 years in management and leadership roles in the IT field. Early on in his career, he discovered he had passion for leading teams and helping others reach their potential. He enjoyed coaching and mentoring others as they faced challenges in the workplace, navigated setbacks and sought to reach their own individual goals.