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Joel Greenberg, PsyD

Joel completed his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Maryland and doctoral degree in clinical psychology (PsyD) from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. He began his career working in community mental health in the Washington, DC area in 2000 before moving to San Francisco in 2001, where he worked in supportive housing in the Tenderloin neighborhood. He then attended graduate school, where he specialized in a blend of psychotherapeutic and psychodiagnostic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Psychodynamic approaches, as well as psychodiagnostic testing and assessment. Much of his training and professional experience has been focused on working with children, adolescents, and families, although he has also worked with adults throughout his career. During his training years, he gained experience working in substance abuse/addiction treatment, in the school setting, in juvenile justice, and in community mental health. He then served as the Child Psychiatry Department Manager at Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael and Petaluma, CA for 11 years, prior to moving to Des Moines. Dr. Greenberg currently works with people from ages 13 and up and enjoys providing a space for individuals, families, and groups to discuss their experiences and concerns comfortably, without judgement, and with an eye on identifying ways in which to engage everyone’s innate healing and growth instinct.

His work is based upon an integrative approach of seeking to explore with each individual their unique set of strengths, difficulties, experiences, personal values, and goals, and then identifying ways in which to create a vision of what change might look and feel like, before beginning the process of seeing this through. The goal is often to create lasting and meaningful changes which allow you to cultivate healing and live a life of authenticity and balance.

Dr. Greenberg is excited to be sharing space with Vida Psychotherapy in West Des Moines.

About Redwood Therapy

Redwood Therapy DSM PLLC was established in 2023 by Joel Greenberg, PsyD in order to help address the mental health needs of the greater Des Moines area. Dr. Greenberg moved to Des Moines from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2021. The reference to the redwoods is a nod to his northern California roots, the beauty and strength of this particular tree, as well as the following: If you’ve ever been in the presence of a redwood tree, you are familiar with the size and gravitational pull each one seems to have. It would be difficult to not have an awe-inspiring experience around one. They are amazing. An interesting point, however, is that these trees grow in rings or clusters which allow them to grow stronger and support themselves and each other simultaneously. It would not be possible for any one of them to grow as they do on their own; they are all interdependent upon each other for healthy and balanced support, which in turn allows each one to grow strong. Similarly, good therapy fosters relationships which allow us to be strong and healthy, capable of withstanding life’s biggest challenges, while also permitting us to support the others in our lives with whom we are interdependent.