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Psychotherapy west des Moines For Individuals, groups, and couples

Vida literally means “life” in Spanish. Symbolically, it suggests ever-present change, growth, freshness, vitality, and endurance. As a group of dedicated therapists, our mission is to be a welcoming place for those interested in the renewal of their life. We hope to decrease suffering and isolation and increase holistic well-being by psychologically attending to our minds, hearts, and bodies.

Our clinic includes a diversity of affiliated independent practitioners. Every therapist shares core professional values, even though we come from different training programs and orientations. Our strengths are different. In a manner of speaking, “a single twig breaks, but a bundle of twigs is strong.” We are invested in creating a community of healers invested in forming a sound base from which to serve our community at large.

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2700 Westown Parkway, Suite 425,
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

Phone:+ (515) 528 -7766
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