Hold Me Tight Couple Retreats

An enriching, connecting, and intimate weekend. We will use the state-of-the-art science of love, from attachment theory, and Dr. Sue Johnson’s book “Hold Me Tight” to set the frame for various conversations building trust, safety, closeness, and mutual understanding and responsiveness in your relationship.

We will explore the nature of love and what truly helps couples strengthen their emotional bond with one another. Participants will identify negative patterns or cycles of interaction that tend to produce repetitive arguments and conflict. We will also provide a practical model for de-escalating conflict and regaining closeness.

The workshop will consist of educational sessions led by Drs. Carlos and Jen Canales. We plan to use large group discussions and a series of private conversations between you and your partner during which you can explore aspects of your particular relational dynamics. Whether you speak up in the large group or not is completely up to you. For some, the dyadic experience is just enough but for others having the chance to share and hear from the rest of the couples enhances their experience. It is your choice.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and having a weekend together!

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