Abbey Jo Schrage, LMHCP

Abbey Jo Schrage, LMHCP​

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Abbey Jo Schrage, LMHCP

I believe therapy is the collaborative exploration, identification and integration of one’s past, present and future. Most of us can admit that we find ourselves doing/feeling/thinking things we wish we wouldn’t, or the opposite in which we can’t get ourselves to do/feel/think the way we deeply desire. This is due to unconscious processes that drive automatic reactions. Specifically, each experience we have informs, primes and assigns meaning to the way we see and interact with the world, our loved ones and ourselves. Since these “meaning memories” are stored in the interconnected brain/mind/body, deep levels of freedom, satisfaction and connection can be released through reprocessing and restoring them.

Before collaborative exploration, identification and integration can occur, I focus on creating a safe space, built upon a foundation of trust and relatability. My training as a therapist is with a broad range of client populations and concerns. I am continually filled with a genuine regard and reverence for the unique individual that bravely enters the therapy space, willing to put intention towards enhancing their life. I have worked with adolescence through adulthood, both in the individual and group setting with concerns including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, addiction, compulsive behaviors, relational dysfunction, etc.
In order to better understand ourselves and those around us, I implement aspects of Narrative Therapy, Jungian interventions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills training and EMDR processing. I visualize the client, therapist and the theoretical interventions as three separate strands of a braid that meet to create a new strength in which the process of collaborative exploration, identification and integration naturally occurs.


Abbey is a provisionally Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Iowa. She graduated on the Dean’s list with her undergraduate degree in Biology, Theology and Spanish from Loyola University of Chicago and her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She has worked in medical, research, and mental health sectors both domestically and abroad.
Abbey is trained EMDR therapist and a member of Chi Sigma Iota (International Counseling Honors Society), the American Counseling Association and Group Therapy Iowa.